Children for Christ or, as it is known in Romania, Copii pentru Cristos (CpC), runs a number of training courses as follows.

Beginners’ course

This is designed for those who want to enter the ministry of child evangelism.   The course covers subjects such as what the Bible says should be taught to children; when to teach children; what methods should be used to teach children; how to counsel a child to receive Christ; and how to help child Christians grow.

This course is on run on demand; there have to be at least 20 participants before the course begins and as a result some two to three a year are conducted with upwards of 30 attending.  The training is done over a period of three weeks and there is a practical exam on teaching a lesson and counselling.  The training is conducted at the CpC Christian centre in Varfurile, Romania.

Regulars’ training
As the title suggest, this course is run regularly throughout the winter (October through April).  It meets the ongoing demands of the mature and experienced teachers of children of both genders and from many denominations.  Regular Bible and doctrine ministry is involved to encourage and feed the souls of child evangelists, and to steady their vision.  Furthermore, the training involves a programme of providing and explaining a series of lessons covering most of the Bible (over five years) produced by CpC.  These are distributed in kit form and contain the Bible lesson in flannelgraph, Bible memory verses and associated songs including missionary stories of Godly people.  The attendance varies from 80 – 120, depending on exams, as a number of university students attend.  The ages of those who attend range from 17 to 50s and are held in various churches. In addition, most of those who attend run CpC home Bible clubs throughout the winter in Romania.

Five-day club course
This is designed for those who want to evangelise children out in the open air who, as a rule, don’t attend church and have never heard of the Lord Jesus.  The course is run once a year in the month just before Easter to take advantage of the school holidays.  Again, the teaching material is in the form of a teaching pack and compiled by CpC.  The training includes the running of an actual five-day club and is conducted at the CpC Christian centre in Varfurile, Romania.

Summer camp teachers’ training
This is for the leaders and helpers who want to work at the camp held in the CpC Christian centre at Varfurile, Romania.

The residential training is held over a weekend, usually in May, to prepare the workers for service at the summer camp.  It covers the teaching subjects, material, discipline, etc., and is well attended, with some 70 – 90 folks attending.