Five-day Clubs

These are evangelical meetings for children from the age of 7 to 14 years and are conducted in the open air near the homes where the children live. ┬áThe 5DCs (five-day clubs) are held in May and sometimes in parallel with the summer camps (June – September), and their duration is about 45 minutes each day in the same place, for five consecutive days.

The location of these clubs is such that parents can keep an eye on their children whilst the club is in session, and some listen in from their open windows while others bring chairs and sit in for the whole programme!

The clubs are conducted mostly by those who have received Jesus as Saviour through the camp ministry. ┬áThese teachers have been through the beginner course on Child Evangelism run by Copii pentru Cristos (CpC) Romania in the Christian Centre, Varfurile, and the Open Air Evangelistic Course for 5DCs – not forgetting the regular monthly training course held through the winter in Arad.

The 5DC materials are supplied and composed mostly by CpC from their office in Arad.

The advantages of this type of ministry are:

  1. You contact children in the locality where they live.
  2. You meet new children, many of whom have never heard about the One True God and his Son, Jesus, far less attended any type of church.
  3. As the club is held for a short period each day, the adverse effect on the location is minimised.

The disadvantages of this type of ministry are:

  1. The 5DC is, in a number of cases, weather dependent.
  2. The meeting is open to disturbances from two- and four-legged beings!