Home Bible Clubs

These are meetings for children from the age of 7 to 14 years, and are conducted in homes near where the children live.  They run throughout the winter from October to May, and are held for about one hour each week.  The clubs are conducted mostly by those who have received Jesus as Saviour through the camp ministry.  These teachers have been through the beginners course on Child Evangelism run by Copii pentru Cristos (CpC) Romania at the Christian Centre, Varfurile, and attend the regular monthly training course held in various churches in Arad throughout the winter.

The teaching material is supplied and composed mostly by CpC in their office in Arad.

The advantages of this type of ministry are:

  1. It is held in a home very near the homes of the children who attend.
  2. Credibility is established easily between parents and leaders.
  3. It is a ‘half-way house’ for those who are contacted through the CpC open air ministry (five-day clubs) before entering any type of church.
  4. It is also a nurturing place for may children to go after professing Christ at the camp.
  5. Leaders, as a rule, encourage the children to go to their [the leaders’] local church.
  6. The home bible clubs are not weather dependent.